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Threat Archives

Cybercriminals often reuse or create a variation of past scams, read through our threat archives to learn more about how to stay Cybersafe.

Many recent cyberattacks have targeted colleges.  Among them:

  • The recent hacking of the Democratic National Committee before the election was facilitated by stolen email accounts from a prestigious university.
  • At Michigan State University, unknown attackers gained access to a database with records on 400,000 current and former students and stole social security numbers, student ID numbers, and dates of birth.
  • Rutgers University was hit with a number of “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks that interrupted some of its systems; the longest lasted five full days. Rutgers had invested $3 million in cybersecurity—but that didn’t prevent the attacks.
  • Two University of Southern California hospitals were hit by a ransomware attack that made hospital data inaccessible to employees. Healthcare and financial services companies and even police departments have been forced to pay ransoms to restore data.

Below is a collection of all they Cybersecurity threats that have impacted or targeted members of the FIT community since the Cybersafe campaign began in 2016.