Apple iOS Vulnerability “Broadpwn”

What happened?

The latest patch for Apple’s iOS 10.3.3 fixes a vulnerability being called “Broadpwn.” An attacker in proximity to unpatched devices can potentially take control of the device without the victim’s knowledge. This could include turning on the microphone or camera, or accessing data or photos on the phone.

The patched vulnerability arises from how some models of wireless chips made by Broadcom—found in iOS hardware—processes data. The chips are found in smartphones and tablets but aren’t in Macs and other full-featured computers.

What can you do to protect yourself?

All iOS users should immediately update their devices to the latest version, 10.3.3. Google released a patch for the flaw on July 5; Android users are also encouraged to upgrade. Regardless of your mobile operating system, it is always best practice to regularly update your device as new patches are released, to make sure you are cybersafe.

Where can you get more information?
Apple Inc.

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