Fake Dropbox Invitation Phishing Email

FIT and other SUNY campuses have recently seen a number of spoofed requests to open documents in Dropbox. The requests come in email and appear to come from legitimate FIT email addresses, but the “sender” is not someone who would communicate with you over Dropbox and the subject line is blank or nonsensical.

Phishing attempt through DropBox

The phish is an attempt to steal your FIT login and password. Do not click on any links.

Report the email to Google as phishing. Here’s how:

1. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of  “Reply.” (Reply is a left-facing arrow on the upper right side of the screen.)

2. Select “Report Phishing”

3. Click “Report Phishing Message” in the message window.

4. The email will be moved to Spam. After you report the message, delete it from your Spam folder.


If you have any reason to believe the email is real, call the sender first.

Questions? Comments? Email [email protected] or call 212 217.HELP (4357).

Tips and information on Phishing is available at http://it.fitnyc.edu/2014/08/25/phishing/