Scam calls targeting FIT Students

What happened? 
We received multiple reports of scam phone calls that are targeting FIT students. These calls are from suspicious individuals pretending to be FIT employees asking the student to verify the last four digits of the social security number and to “go over their student file.”  

What should you do?
If you received a phone call like the one described above please contact us by opening a ticket at

If you are concerned that the caller may have your Social Security Number, you can report this scam to the Social Security Administration. You can also review our Cybersafe web post on how to protect your credit. 

About Cybersafe
The Division of Information Technology is dedicated to informing the community of the latest cybersecurity threats. Visit and stay tuned for emails from [email protected] for the latest from the Cybersafe campaign at FIT.

Be aware—and be cybersafe

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