• LabStats Map Example CC15-CC15A

    Introducing LabMaps Live

    Where is there a computer available for me to use? A question many students ask, particularly around finals. That IT Department is proud to announce the creation of LabMaps Live the real-time computer availability maps, a solution that allows students to easily view the in-use status of each computer in real-time! We have worked in collaboration […]

  • Tired woman sitting at the table with laptop and books

    Tech Tips for Saving your Work

    It’s that time of year again, finals! We know how stressful this time is as a student and how devastating it can be if your digital work is lost. So, we would like to offer our advice in hopes to save some of you from the stress of lost data. 1. Use Google Apps whenever […]

  • Globe, Leaves and Computer Mouse

    Earth Day TechTips

    In honor of Earth Day, here are our 5 TechTips to reduce your impact on the environment. 1.  Unplug your phone charger You should try to get in the habit of unplugging your phone charger when you are not charging your phone and when your phone if fully charged. According to the US Department of […]

  • Fish and Hook with @ symbol

    What is Phishing? (pronounced Fishing) Phishing is a form of fraud where an email sender pretends to be a legitimate company in order to trick the email recipient into sharing important personal information like passwords and account numbers. Tips to Identify Phishing The sender email address does NOT end in “@fitnyc.edu” The “To:” field is […]

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