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  • Person Cutting an FIT ID

    Deactivate a Lost or Stolen FIT ID Card (Campus Card)

    You should protect your FIT ID (Campus Card) the same way you do your credit or debit card. You use your FIT ID card to enter buildings, pay for printing and meals on campus. If your FIT ID card is lost or stolen immediate notification will protect the accounts and campus access privileges. The computer […]

  • Minatures Cleaning a Harddrive #CleanYourVirtualDesktop

    Clean your Virtual Desktop Day!

    Every year the third Monday in October is National Clean your Virtual Desktop Day. It is the day you should set aside some time to delete unneeded documents and put the rest in folders. Our Video Team member, Amanda Barlow, made this special video to inspire you to clean those files cluttering your desktop.

  • BW photo of man looking over over laptop

    How to Check for Suspicious Activity on Your Account

    Google Apps for Education offers a multitude of security features including allowing you to monitor how your account is being accessed through the Activity Information panel. This is one of the easiest ways for you to ensure that your account isn’t being accessed without your permission. “The Activity Information Panel” allows you to check what browser, […]

  • Gmail icon with small gmail icons as the background

    How to Make Gmail your Default Mail Client

    When you click on an email link on a web page or email message, your computer will open a new compose window with the email address populated in the To: line. The program used to compose the message is determined by the default mail client for your computer. To make Gmail your default mail client, […]

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