How to have your preferred first name display in G Suite, including Google Meet and Gmail

You may ​have your​ preferred first name display for Google Meet, Gmail, and other G Suite apps by changing your Google Profile name. 

Changing to display your preferred first name has these benefits:

  • It creates a PREFERRED DISPLAY NAME in all caps across many key locations within the Google suite.
  • While the FIT email address ​will continue ​to​ display​ in much smaller text below the preferred display name, FIT account holders who know you by your preferred name can search for you within type-ahead search boxes across Google using your preferred first name. (Over time, type-ahead search improves as the same people search for your preferred first name.)

At this time, for external individuals (non-FIT account holders) to contact you, they will need to address you with your FIT email address. However, IT is working on a solution for this and will update this document once the preferred first name is available within the FIT email address. 

To change to your preferred first name, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your FIT G Suite account.

2. Go to your “Manage your Google Account page.” There are two ways to get there:

  • Go to The link will open to your Default account. If you have more than one Google Account and your FIT Google Account is not your default, you may need to click on the profile photo/icon in the upper right-hand corner and switch to your FIT Google Account
G Suite Profile Icon and Apps Launcher
  • From your FIT Gmail account, click on the Google Apps icon, and select “Account” from the apps list. Then select “Personal Info.”
G Suite Apps Launcher with Account Selected
Google Account Personal Info

 3. Change your profile name.

Under the “Profile” section, click the arrow “> to the far right of “Name.”

Google Profile with Elizabeth Smith in Name Field

You will be required to verify your password to continue. Enter your password and click the “Next” button. 

Next, change the “First Name” field to what you would like to use, then click the “Save” button.

Google Profile Name Change

Your change may take several minutes to appear in Google Meet, Gmail, Google Chat, and other G Suite apps that display your profile name.