New Self-Service Password Reset

Your FIT password grants you access to your email, MyFIT, campus computers, FITAIR, Office 365, and much more. We have stressed the importance of a strong password by increasing our password character requirements from 8 to 12 characters, as well as extended the password expiration interval to 365 days to encourage you to choose a difficult password you’d remember. 

Now we are pleased to announce we are replacing our current password management tool with Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) from Microsoft. Instead of relying on security questions such as “What city/town were you born in?” and “What’s your favorite food?” which have answers that may be easily accessible online, SSPR will use a non-FIT email address and/or phone number you register to verify your identity before you reset your password. 

On June 9, at 8 am, the PWM password management tool will no longer be available to reset your password. You will need to register to use Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) in order to change or reset your password without TechHelp assistance. Additionally, SSPR registration is required to access your Microsoft Office 365 account

Follow our instructions to register today. How to register to use Self-Service Password Reset.

FIT generic accounts will not be impacted (i.e., [email protected]), please continue to contact TechHelp for assistance. 

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to improve, secure, and update FIT systems.