Scam Alert: Beware of fake internship or job offers using FIT faculty names

More FIT students have been tricked by the latest scam/phishing emails
The current scam attack is related to internship, research, or job offers that use the actual names of FIT faculty as part of the scam. Legitimate faculty and staff member emails should only come from FIT email addresses, not external ones. 

Any offers from external addresses should be verified BEFORE a response
We remind all students to be extra cautious when they receive emails from external email addresses (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) appearing to be from faculty or staff members.

We want to provide these important cautions to students receiving offers
from external email addresses:

  • Do NOT trust an external [EXT] email without independently verifying it, ESPECIALLY if there is an enticing offer inside
  • Do NOT provide financial account information or numbers
  • Do NOT deposit checks sent by external parties (they are likely fake and will eventually bounce)
  • Do NOT put your full home address on your resume
  • Do NOT contact or share your resume without verifying the email sender

Any email from an external email address could be a phish/scam so be alert
All external email subject lines are prefixed with “[EXT]” to help identify that they are external emails. Whenever you see [EXT] in the subject line, remember you are communicating with an external party who is most likely not associated with FIT. External [EXT] emails also have a yellow banner indicating they are from an external person.

Detailed advisory and best practices
For more information, refer to our previous advisory. You are encouraged to read it to sharpen your skills at detecting and avoiding phishing and scams.

What if you think you have already responded to a phish?
If you think you have responded to a phishing email, please get in touch with [email protected] or open a ticket at

About Cybersafe
The Division of Information Technology is dedicated to informing the community of the latest cybersecurity threats. Visit and stay tuned for emails from [email protected] for the latest from the Cybersafe campaign at FIT.

Be aware—and be cybersafe!