What devices can I connect to the FIT Internet?

Please be advised that some devices may not work on the FIT network. Many of the devices not compatible with the FIT network were designed to work in home network environments, and therefore do not fully function on a campus network environment. Many universities are experiencing the same issue with these devices.

Specifically, only devices that support the 802.1x standard for authentication can connect to the FIT Wireless network at this time. Many game consoles do have wireless connection capabilities, but most do not support the 802.1x standard. For devices that do not support 802.1x, they can only be connected using an ethernet cable and data jack in your dorm room. Some devices may require an ethernet adapter to use an ethernet cable.

What is 802.1x?
802.1x is a standard for exchanging secured authentication over a network. 802.1x prevents devices from connecting to a network until they have successfully been authenticated. Using 802.1x authentication also allows for automatic authentication by the device without requiring the user to manually log in every time they connect to the wireless network.