How to make a booking in FIT Book It

Reservations Suspended

FIT Book It reservations end on November 25. All courses and classes will be fully remote, and students will no longer have access to campus studios and labs.

Who is eligible to use FIT Book It

Students from approved majors that received an email inviting them to use FIT Book It will be able to make a booking. 

  • Students not in an approved major will receive a message, ” Sorry! Your account does not have permission to book this item.” when attempting to make a booking in FIT Book It. 

Sign in to MyFIT

Go to
Enter your FIT username and password, then click the “Sign in” button

Click on FIT Book It under Web Resources

Select the space to book

Select the space you want to make a booking for; you may also review options for all spaces by building by selecting “All Categories” under the building name. 

FIT Book It home screen

You may amend your search by returning to or using the drop-down menus near the top of the page.

FIT Book It drop-down menus to narrow space

Select booking date

Select the date you’d like to find a booking using the “Go To Date” button, or you can click on the “Next Available” button, and it will automatically jump to the next available time/date. Please note bookings may not be available when the college is closed or for planned maintenance, for details about IT planned maintenance, please visit our System Status page

If you want to change a selection, you can click on “You can go back and change the filters.”

FIT Book It Single Seat Booking select date view

By default, the seat/space options will view by day. You may click the “Week View” option for a weekly view. Click the “Day View” option to return to a daily view.

FIT Book It Day View and Week View buttons with Week View selected

Select booking time

Seat/Spaces will display with a schedule based on your filtering criteria set on the previous screens. Available times will display in green, your booking (once selected) will appear in yellow, and unavailable times will display in red.

FIT Book It reservation key
FIT Book it displaying a space schedule with some times unavailable and reserved

To select a booking time, click on the time block you would like to start your booking and it will autofill the booking for the default minimum timeframe.

FIT Book It with reservation times available between 8 am to 1 pm
FIT Book It with reservation times selected between 9 am to 1 pm

Below the Seat/Spaces schedule, your booking(s) will display from the start time you selected. 

FIT Book It reservations review screen before submit times

Submit or modify booking

Review your bookings and click the “Submit Times” button, or you may modify your booking. 

To modify your booking:

  • You can cancel a selection by clicking on the trash bin icon to delete
  • You can reduce or increase the length of time of your booking by clicking on the drop-down arrow and selecting an earlier time.
Drop-down of FIT Book IT reservation times

If you accessed FIT Book It using a direct link and not through MyFIT, you will be asked to authenticate.  

Enter your FIT username and password and click the “Sign in” button. 

Ethos sign in screen with Rita Book details entered

Review Terms & Conditions

Review your booking, Terms & Conditions. By clicking the “Continue” button you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. 

Review and Submit Booking

You will be returned to the Booking Details page. You will be able to review your booking(s). 

  • If your booking is correct, you may click the “Submit my Booking” button. 
  • If you made a mistake in your booking, you may click the “Remove” button. 
FIT Book It Booking Details Screen to Submit Booking

Make another booking or logout

You will be directed to the Booking Details page to review the booking(s). If you are finished making bookings, click the “Logout” button. You may also make another booking by clicking on the “Make Another Booking” button.

FIT Book It Booking Details Screen

Email confirmation

After you complete a booking, you will be sent a confirmation email to your FIT email that will include an option to add the booking to your calendar as well as the details you will need to complete the check-in process upon arriving at FIT. Do not delete your confirmation email as it contains the check-in code you will need to provide to Public Safety. Please arrive 15-minutes (but no earlier) before your booking time to allow the necessary time for check-in procedures.