FIT Voicemail Upgrade

On Friday, July 15, 2022, we performed an upgrade to the FIT voicemail system. An email was sent to the community on July 11, 2022, alerting employees of the upgrade and anticipated impact. 

Individuals that did not work or log into their phone since the upgrade should be aware of and perform the following: 

Your extension, desk phone, messages, and recorded greetings have not changed. However, voicemail passwords were not migrated to the new system. When you first access your mailbox, you will be greeted by the new system and asked to create a new password. 

“Welcome to your new voice messaging system. Over the next few minutes, we will help you initialize your mailbox to keep your mailbox secure. You should enter a password …”

With the upgraded system, your new password must follow the established security rules:

  • Minimum length: 4 digits

  • Maximum length: 20 digits 

  • Cannot contain four consecutive numbers (for example, 6789, 28871234, 13456964) 

  • Cannot contain four repeated numbers (for example, 1111, 2222, 9999) 

You will need to enter your new password followed by pound (#) and follow the additional prompts to confirm your greeting and name. If you did not have any greetings and/or automated name recording, you will be asked to set those up before disconnecting. 

When accessing your mailbox and reviewing messages, please listen carefully, as some voicemail menu options will have changed.