Defacement of Coursicle, a scheduling App unaffiliated with FIT

What happened?

We have been notified by our cybersecurity counterparts at other universities that the company Coursicle, a student course scheduling app, is experiencing an ongoing defacement of their web presence.  In addition, some students who use Coursicle are receiving unexpected push notifications to their phones from Coursicle.  FIT has no official affiliation or relationship with this company, which services many higher education institutions.

What can you do to protect yourself?

While FIT does not use this app, it is possible for students to sign up for the service on their own.  If you have a private Coursicle account:

  • Be aware we have blocked access to use this app with the FIT Google domain until this matter is remediated.
  • Ignore any push notifications you receive on your device from this app.
  • Delete the app fully from your device until this matter is resolved.


Be aware—and be cybersafe