Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) Licensing Changes

  • Adobe has changed the way they license software for all Adobe products. The new licensing structure requires individuals to sign in to Adobe CC to access applications and for computers to have either a Named User License or a Shared Device License. To use an Adobe CC application, eligible employees and students will be granted a Federated ID that will allow them to access Adobe CC using their FIT credentials.

  • Adobe has created multiple types of IDs to determine how accounts are created, owned, and managed. There are two ID types the FIT community should be familiar with: 

    • Federated ID: these accounts are created, owned, and managed by FIT. They utilize single sign-on, so when you change/reset your FIT password your password for Adobe also changes. 
    • Adobe ID: these accounts are created and managed by individuals. If you have purchased Adobe products or created an account yourself with Adobe. FIT cannot assist with issues with Adobe ID accounts, users should contact Adobe for support.
    • Students who pay the FIT technology fee 
      New students will be granted access to Adobe CC two days before the start of their first semester at FIT.
    • FIT faculty, staff, and administrators 
      Note: Contractors and contingent workers (employees hired on a temporary or as-needed basis, such as Models, Peer Note Takers, Tutors, etc.) are only provided access to Adobe CC through Shared Device Licenses for access in computer labs and classrooms.
  • Named User Licenses 

    • Named User Licenses will be the type of license used on all FIT-owned computers in office spaces.
    • Eligible employees and students will only be able to log in to Adobe CC on two devices that use Named User Licenses at a time. 
    • Computers must be connected to the internet when you install Adobe CC apps, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and then at least once every 99 days to validate the license.

    Shared Device Licenses 

    • Shared Device Licenses will be used on all classroom and lab computers. 
    • There is no limit to the number of Shared Device License computers on which eligible employees and students can access Adobe CC. 
  • Yes, eligible employees and students can install Adobe CC apps on home or personal computers. 

    • The installation license through the Federated ID is for a Named User License; therefore, individuals will only be able to sign in to two Named User Licensed computers simultaneously. 

    When you attempt to sign in to more than two devices, you will get an “Activation limit reached” or “sign-in failed” error. To resolve this error, you will need to sign out of other devices. Follow the instructions created by Adobe to learn how to sign out of all computers, sign out of a single computer, or sign out from account page.

  • John Warnock uses Adobe on his FIT office computer and has also installed Adobe on his home laptop; that equals two Named Device Licenses computers. To use a third Named Device License computer, he will need to sign out of Adobe on either his FIT office computer or home laptop. However, when John teaches in multiple labs and classrooms at FIT, he can sign in without signing out of his FIT office computer or home laptop because labs and classrooms have Shared Device Licenses.

  • Open a ticket at or call (212) 217-HELP (4357).