Remote Access to the FIT Network (VPN)

What is Remote Access?

Remote access allows access to an on-campus FIT computer and the FIT network from an off-campus computer and location. 

Who can get Remote Access?

We have updated the request process in response to the remote access needs during the needs due to social distancing requirements for COVID-19, for more details about FIT’s response to COVID-19, please visit

Vice Presidents have worked with their area’s to identify the employees in their Division that requires VPN access. The Division of Information Technology has been working to get those employees Remote Access using VPN. 

Do I need Remote Access?

We are asking employees to take an honest assessment of their needs to determine if VPN access is needed. By reviewing what resources can only be accessed on campus or using a remote access solution such as VPN. 

Resources only available via the FIT Network


  • Files that are saved locally on the office computer. If you are granted VPN Access to access local files, please move to the appropriate Google Drive as soon as possible. If you have a few files; open a ticket at and we can help move files.

    Please Note: If accessing local files is the only item on the list below you need VPN access for, please move the needed files to Google Drive. 

    ocal locations include:
      • Computer Desktop 
      • Personal drives (N: Drive, Y: Drive) 
      • Shared drives (M: Drive, L: Drive)
        Please work with your department to create a Google Shared Drive to move files needed that are currently stored in local Shared Drives.
  • Select Banner Resources
    • Banner Admin Pages
    • Banner Workflow
    • Nolij Document Management System
    • B​anner Document Management System (BDMS)​
  • Finance Enterprise 
    Note: Most approvals can be done via email. Only vouchers/requisitions that were forwarded for approval require log in
  • Hyperion/Argos Reporting
  • ​Pyramed
  • Courseleaf
  • Concourse Syllabus
  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System)​
  • 25Live
  • Windstar (Tax Navigator)