How to request an FIT IT Project

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I. What to do prior to submitting a project request to IT

1. Think about your goals: What is it that you want to accomplish with this project?
2. Check your finances: As a general rule, IT does not fund departmental or divisional projects. Adequate funding is required for any project to be approved
3. Time: Nothing impedes project success more than unrealistic timelines. Realistic project timelines provide for increased efficiencies and better resource management.?
4. Look but don’t buy: If you have already completed some research and have identified a solution, that you think will work for you, please, do not purchase anything before contacting IT.

II. How to submit your project request to IT?

1. Complete an IT project request form.
2. IT will contact you for an initial discussion. The purpose of this contact is to help clarify your requirements and discuss other functional or operational issues. .
3 Your potential project will be reviewed and if accepted, placed in the IT Project Portfolio with an appropriate priority.

III. What happens after your project is accepted?

1. Initial IT resources are allocated to the project.
2. An IT representative will contact you and a project kick-off meeting will be scheduled. The meeting agenda will include:
– A general discussion about the entire project and timeline.
– Discussion of the project participant roles and responsibilities.
– An introduction of IT’s simplified 5 phase project structure:
– Discussion of initial next steps including initial schedule, procedures requirements gathering, etc..

IV. What is an exemplary project?
‘In an exemplary project, the client’s stated goals are realized within the finished product’

– For the results to match your intentions, they must be explicitly known beforehand. We must know what we are aiming for.
– A logical, step-by-step, plan is the roadmap towards the desired results. A plan needs to be in place prior to the start of any implementation.
– The project initiation and execution process is collaborative, within a supportive environment, where all participants clearly understand their own and each other’s roles and responsibilities.
– A realistic schedule, that reflects the actual and complete scope of the project, is a fundamental and mandatory requirement.