How to check for suspicious activity on your account

G Suite for Education offers a multitude of security features including allowing you to monitor how your account is being accessed through the Activity Information panel. This is one of the easiest ways for you to ensure that your account isn’t being accessed without your permission. “The Activity Information Panel” allows you to check what browser, device, and locations where your account has been signed into from.

How to Check your Activity Information

Go to Settings

  • Click on Settings (Cog Icon)
  • Select Settings


Scroll to the Bottom and then Click on “Details”

Details with Arrow

What you can do from the Activity Information Panel?
– Check the IP address at the bottom of the window “This computer is using IP address” to know if the Recent activity was from your computer.
– If you have signed into another computer recently or you aren’t sure about another session. Click “Sign out all other sessions”
– Set your Alert preference, we recommend having it set to “Show an alert for unusual activity.”
– Revoke access for any Applications you previously authorized. Click on “Show details” then on “Manage Account Access” the Account Permissions page will open. Now you can select the application – then click “Revoke”.

Don’t forget to change your password if you see any activity that is not you.

Activity Information Panel