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Wireless and Wired Networks

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General Network Support

You must register your computer in order to connect to FIT’s Wireless and Wired Network. When you first arrive on campus, connect to FITAIR wireless network and launch a web browser. You will be automatically redirected to the Clearpass Registration or to Authenticate to the Network. You will need your FIT Username and FIT Password to register your computer or other devices.

What devices can I connect to the FIT Network?
Please be advised that some devices may not work on the FIT network.  These devices are currently unsupported by the Division of Information Technology at FIT. Many of the devices not supported were designed to work in home network environments, and therefore do not fully function on a campus network environment. Many universities are experiencing the same issue with these devices.

Wireless (WiFi)

The FIT Wireless Network, known as FITAIR, is a dedicated wireless infrastructure created to support the needs of FIT Student, Staff and Faculty. It is a highly-secure and redundant wireless network provided to the FIT community.

Please go to Connect to the Wireless (WiFi) Network (FITAIR) for instructions.

Wired Connections (Dorm Residents Only)

The FIT Wired Network allows Dorm Residents to connect to the FIT Network using an Ethernet cord. This allows residents to connect supported devices to the FIT Network. Starting in the Spring 2016 Semester, residents wishing to connect via an Ethernet cord must register their device while on campus by going to the FIT Registration webpage.

Please go to Connect to the Wired FIT Network for instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our list of FAQs for WiFi and Internet for additional information about connecting to the FIT Wireless (WiFi) and Wired Networks.