Happening Now

Non-Classroom Faculty, Staff and Admin

The refresh program for non-classroom faculty, staff and administration has begun and is ongoing. To build the refresh timeline, IT worked with each area and have taken into account the timing needs, along with the availability of the other divisions within the College. The schedule is based on a four-year refresh cycle, the overall number of computers needed and the current annual refresh budget. A schedule has been established and is posted below


If a computer in your area is not functioning properly before you are scheduled for the refresh, please continue to contact TechHelp to evaluate the computer.  

Additional information that can help you prepare for the Computer Refresh

  1. Schedule. When the refresh for your department approaches, the Desktop Support Services (DSS) team will be reaching out to gather more information and schedule an appointment.
  2.  Software – Each computer will have a set of default software installed. The software includes:
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (DC)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 (PC only).
  • Citrix Receiver.  

To ensure a smooth refresh, it is important to document additional software that is needed on each computer.   Each division has a liaison to assist with collecting the required software needs. Please work with your liaison to document the additional software needed. This should include items like existing VPN use, static IP addresses, Touchnet Cashiering, Filezilla, 7-zip, Outlook configured for Mail Merge or Creative Cloud. If you access a system using a browser, like Banner, you do not need to include it on your list. If you are unsure about your divisional liaison, please contact the vice president or dean’s office.

  1. Printers and scanners will be set up on each computer based on the current configurations. Please document if there are existing desktop printers that will need to be installed.
  2. Data on Computers: We ask that users backup their files beforehand to the N: or M: drives or to Google drive.   If you need assistance moving files to Google Drive, please watch the video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zc9_ef-9PHJe_eQwGzmd6eUztGEt9MPe/view?ts=5c1802da. The Desktop Support team will assist in moving data but it will make the refresh take longer.  
  3. Dual Monitors: Staff members will receive one new monitor. If you are currently using a second monitor, one of the existing monitors will be used.
  4. TechHelp Ticket: A TechHelp ticket will be created for each computer to track the progress of each refresh and any associated notes.