Sync password to Banner INB and third-party tools

After changing your password, you may encounter the following error if you do not sync your password.
Oracle Error Invalid username/password

If you use Banner INB or a third-party tool that connects directly to Banner (e.g., Banner INB, NOLIJ, TOAD, BDM, etc.) and have changed your FIT password, you will need to update your password using the link “Sync Third-Party Tool” found in MyFIT.

To sync your password. 

1. Sign in to MyFIT with your FIT username and password.
MyFIT Sign In Page with Cursor on Button

2. Click on “Employee” on the left-hand side.

Left-hand MyFIT Navigation with Employee Selected

3. Navigate to the bottom of the Online Information System portlet and click on “Synch Third-Party Tool.”
MyFIT Sync Third-Party Tool

4. The “SSO Manager Credential Management Utility” will open. Enter your FIT password in the password field. Reminder: Banner does not accept passwords with special characters (@,#,<,>,&,”,\) or spaces. If you have used spaces or special characters you will need to change your passwordThen click the “Save” button.
New SSO Manager Password Page

5. The following error page will appear. Your password has been saved. Click “Sign Out.”
New SSO Manager Error Page

6. Sign out of MyFIT and quit the browser completely don’t just close the browser tab.

7. Open the browser and sign in to MyFIT again.