How to use the #CampusClear web app

What is #CampusClear

As part of our comprehensive strategy for controlling the spread of COVID-19 on campus, we have deployed #CampusClear, a daily self-screening app, and campus “FastPass.” Everyone in our community is required to use #CampusClear to gain access to buildings on campus. It only takes a few seconds to self-screen, and your participation helps to keep our campus safe for everyone.

1. Use the #CampusClear Web App

If you do not have a mobile device, are unable to install or do not wish to install the #CampusClear mobile app you may use the #CampusClear Web App. (How to download and use #CampusClear

To begin go to

2. Read agreements and user consent

Read through each agreement screen and click “I understand”.

Read user consent and click “I consent”.

Welcome to #CampusClear Web App screen
How it Works Web App screen
What Data we Collect web app screen
Consent Web App screen

3. Enter your role and email address

Choose “student”, “employee”, or “visitor” based on your appropriate role.

If “student” or “employee”, enter your FIT email address. 

I am a... Web App screen
Enter your .edu email Web App screen
We sent you an email to Web App screen

4. Check for confirmation email to complete account setup

Check your FIT email for the confirmation email to complete the account setup. The email will be from “Ivy Team” at the email address 

Click “confirm email.” You are now set up to use the #CampusClear web app.  

If you will automatically be redirected to a  “You have been successfully validated” page. 

Email Confirmation for #CampusClear
#CampusClear web app successfully validated

Important Tech Tips

Every time you log out of the web app, clear cache, or use a new computer/browser, you will be asked to verify your identity through the email confirmation.

Only click on the “confirm email” button, if you recently set up or logged into the #CampusClear app.

5. Start your check-in

Return to 

Press the start button to begin your check-in for the day

#CampusClear Web App Registration Complete Start

6. Complete self-screening

You will be presented with the question of “How are you feeling?”

Click all of the appropriate buttons.

Click “See Result” at the bottom of the page.

Note: If you make a mistake and need to re-enter your results for the day, you must log out and back in.

#CampusClear Web App

7. Results

Your results will be displayed

Screen Shot 2020 08 19 At 11.13.41 AM
Screen Shot 2020 08 19 At 5.29.44 PM