How to use Faronics Insight to log off a student/s

If a student is logged into the computer that should not be part of the class that you are about to start teaching inside FIT Remote Labs, you can log off the student by using Insight.

On a Windows computer in the task panel, left click the Insight icon (small owl icon).

On a Mac computer the Insight icon is located on the dock.

Insight Owl Icon
Insight on Mac dock

The console will open and you will see all of the computers in the classroom.  At the bottom of each screen box, it displays the username of the person who is logged in.  If no one is logged in, it will say “Not Logged In”.

insight student logins

Click on the computer of the user that you want to log off in order to select it.  It will be highlighted in red.
Tech Tip: to access multiple computers, hold Control to select multiple computers.

Navigate to the Administer toolbar and select “Log Off Student”
Important:  DO NOT select “Shutdown Student” because you will turn off the workstation and it will be inaccessible until it is physically powered back on.

selecting student to logout

Click Yes to proceed with the Log Off.

Insight Warning screen

After you log the users off.  You will need to refresh the screen in order to see the updates.   Navigate to the “View” toolbar and click “Refresh”.

Insight refresh screen