How to identify a broken Ethernet jack

1. Check to see if the jack visually broken:
Jack Visually Looks Okay - Go to Step 2 Dorm Room Jack with Cover Missing - Go to Step 2 Dorm Jack with just Wires Sticking Out - Go to Step 5

2. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable in your computer and the other end into the room jack
– Blue Jack (Kaufman Hall)
– Red Jack (Alumni, Nagler or Coed)What if the cover is missing?
You may need to perform the following steps while plugged into each jack (we recommend starting bottom up) – The Ethernet jacks in the majority of rooms are the bottom jacks.

3. Find your IP Address
Your IP Address indicates if your Jack is broken or if you are plugged into the wrong jack
How to Find IP & MAC Address (Mac)
How to Find IP & Physical Address (Windows 8)

4. If your IP Address starts with…

    • 143.= Your jack is functioning
    • 169.= Your jack is broken — proceed to step 5 on the next page

5. Contact TechHelp
If you choose to email, please email

    • Include in the email:
    • Your name
    • A contact phone number
    • Your dorm (Coed, Nagler, Alumni or Kaufman)
    • Your dorm room number
    • Your IP address or (if possible) a photo of your visually broken jackTechHelp will open a Ticket for you with the information you provide

TechHelp will open a Ticket for you with the information you provide.