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IT Visual Arts Exhibit


Spring 2019  IT Visual Arts Exhibit

Open Call for Artists!

Submission deadline has been extended until Monday, 4/22/19.

Do you dabble in photography, sculpture, painting, or other artistic channels?  The IT Division wants to present this unique and unexpected aspect of its employees.  We are pleased to be able to showcase the artists among us. The exhibition will be displayed on monitors in several IT areas (333-13 lobby, Feldman 2nd and 3rd floors.)

The show will run for two weeks from May 6 through May 17, 2019.

The theme for the third exhibit is “MY TOWN”.

Submission deadline has been extended until Monday, 4/22/19.

Submission instructions:

    • Photos:  No more than 20 per person.  Formats accepted: .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, .GIF
    • Please note that landscape format works best due to the constraints of the template’s format.
    • Video: Not exceeding 1 minute in length.  1080 (HD) quality at most, and no larger than 5MB.
    • Work must be artist’s own.  No copyrighted or open source material, unless included in an original work per fair and derivative use.
    • Photos of art forms such as sculpture and paintings are encouraged.
  • Please do not hesitate to use your smart phones for photos and videos.


Please use this form to submit. Note that each form accepts a maximum of 10 photos only – if you have more, please submit a second form.

If you have questions please contact Walter Kerner (x7-3415 / walter_kerner@fitnyc.edu), Margaret Nawrot (x7-3405 / malgorzata_nawrot@fitnyc.edu), or Suzie Baer (x7-3396 / suzanne_baer@fitnyc.edu)

View past IT Visual Arts Exhibits here:

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