Information Security

Information Security, also known as InfoSec, protects both physical and digital data—essentially data in any form—from unauthorized access, use, change, disclosure, deletion, or other forms of malintent.

You can help protect yourself by staying informed of the latest threats, following our Cybersafe tips, reviewing past threats, and reviewing previous CISO Update.

FIT is Cybersafe is FIT’s campaign for cybersecurity for our community.

Cyberattacks, identity theft, and online scams are all over the news lately. A school might not seem like a likely target, but colleges, along with other institutions, are increasingly in the cross-hairs of global cybercriminals. College databases hold a lot of personal information about students and employees that can be valuable to hackers.

Many attacks against institutions like FIT succeed because of something a community member did (clicking on something they shouldn’t) or didn’t do (use a strong password). That’s why we’re starting a campaign to make everyone aware of what they can do to stay cybersafe. We’ll provide tips, training, and online resources and members of our security team will be at campus events to promote awareness and answer questions. And remember the same practices that protect you at FIT protect you at home.

Be aware—and Be Cybersafe!

Latest Threats

Review Past Threats

Cybercriminals often reuse or create a variation of past scams, read through our threat archives to learn more about how to stay Cybersafe. 

Where in the world is attacking FIT?

The map shows countries from which we have seen and blocked actual cyberattacks aimed at FIT. We’ll keep it updated as we discover more. As you can see, cybercrimes are a world-wide problem.

Cybersafe Videos