Happening Now

Webinar Wednesdays

Gmail & Calendar: Users will learn basics of Gmail settings such as conversation view, undo send, and desktop notifications.  Come learn the importance of labels, canned responses, and how to locate the directory, formerly known as the global address list. This workshop is recommended for all users, even those who have previous experience with Gmail.  The last half hour is dedicated to calendaring, including how to create an appointment, invite others to an appointment and share your calendar out with others.
Google Drive: Users will learn basics of Google Drive such as: file storage and synchronization, the upload and sharing of files with students and peers, and learning how to collaborate with your students and colleagues in real time.

Google Forms: this webinar will cover how to create, edit and maintain a Google Form.  Forms are a great way to create an online form for your event registration, survey, or quiz in an easy, streamlined way. Learn how to collect data into Google Sheets and set up notifications via email when someone submits your form.  Embed your form in a website or email with a link.