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Computer Refresh Program

We are very pleased to announce that the Division of Information Technology has partnered with Academic Affairs and Finance and Administration to establish a continuous, efficient, and effective computer refresh process. This process streamlines requests, approvals, and purchasing to replace dated computers.

All office computers will be refreshed every four years. The type of computer (i.e., laptop/desktop, Mac/Windows, Standard/Power/Super User) you will receive has been determined by Academic Affairs and your department chair or the vice president of your division. The distribution of computers via the Computer Refresh Program will be performed in phases.

You will be receiving periodic communications from IT updating you on the program’s progress as well as targeted updates with specific details and instructions as your group becomes eligible.

About the Computer Refresh Program

  • The first phase of the program began August 2016, for full-time classroom faculty. Distribution of the new equipment was scheduled by School. 

    Phase 1: August 2016 – December 2016
    Full-Time Classroom Faculty
    Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology: September 2016
    School of Liberal Arts: October 2016
    School of Graduate Studies: October–November 2016
    School of Art and Design: October–December 2016

    Phase 1 was completed on schedule except for individuals that were eligible receive a new computer but did not complete the requirements to fulfill their request. If you are a Full-Time Classroom Faculty member that did not get a new computer under Phase 1, please contact TechHelp so we may verify your eligibility, instruct you on how to complete the requirements and resend the emailed information about the refresh program. 


  • Phase 2: More Details To Be Announced Fall 2017 
    Part-Time Classroom Faculty, Non-Classroom Faculty, Staff, and Administration
    A more detailed distribution timeline to be provided at a later date.


    1. You will receive an email when you are eligible for a new computer. The email will contain links and instructions to the steps described below.
    2. Complete a survey. Survey will collect details about your needs.
    3. Book an appointment. Follow the instructions in the email to book an in-person appointment for a 2-hour time slot to have your new computer delivered.
    4. Once you have completed the previous steps, you will receive a confirmation email with your Ticket number.
    5. In preparation for your computer, please complete the following before your appointment:
      • clean desk and area around your current computer
      • back-up your data
      • disconnect and set aside any special peripherals such as ergonomic computer mouse or wireless keyboard (please note a standard keyboard and mouse will be provided with a new computer)
    6. Desktop Services will deliver your new computer during your scheduled appointment time.
  • The purpose of this policy is to provide a coordinated, centralized, and sustainable computer hardware refresh process for all classroom teaching faculty (Faculty). FIT computers will be replaced based on the level of user and type of machine. This process will improve system dependability, administration, and cost management. FIT-Information Technology (IT) will coordinate administration of this policy with input from Academic Affairs and Finance. 

    View official policy: Teaching Faculty Computer Refresh  


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