WiFi and Internet

Internet FAQs iconTrying to connect to FIT’s WiFi in your dorm or in class? Please find below the most frequently asked questions about connecting to FIT’s Wireless Network.If you are experiencing any issues with Sophos, the virus protection software, please click here to visit the software FAQ page.



Connecting devices to FIT's internet
Supported devices to connect to FIT's internet
Connect Apple TV, Roku, PS3, PS4, etc.
Wired Internet in dorms
Mac: Wired ethernet connections in dorms
Windows: Wired ethernet connection in dorms
Is my ethernet jack broken?
Wireless Internet on Mobile Devices
iOS: connect to WiFi
Android: connect to WiFi
iOS: How to Forget FITAIR
Android: How to Forget FITAIR
Wireless Internet on 27th Street
Mac: Connect to FITAIR
Windows: Connect to FITAIR
Wireless Internet on 31st Street in Kaufman Hall
Mac: Connect to FITDORM31
Windows: Connect to FITDORM31
Finding your IP, Mac or Physical Address
Mac: Finding your IP & Mac Address
Windows 8: Finding your IP & Physical Address