Filling Laundry Cards

Ask IT Icon NewI think we should be able to transfer money from our bank accounts to our laundry cards instead of only having the option to use the machine downstairs. It’s a hassle to have to go back and forth to put money on the card and with being able to transfer money from our accounts we can put exact amounts so there won’t be excess money on our laundry cards. Thank you! – Aquira Thomas



Thank you for your excellent suggestion Aquira. Unfortunately, the laundry card system is facilitated by the Residential Life staff and not IT. We did call the office to see who you could follow up with or to see if we could get any more information and we were asked to please ask you to contact one of the Residential Life offices.  There info is:

Office Hours 

Office Locations
210 West 27th Street 
1st Floor Alumni Hall 
212 217.3900 

406 West 31st Street 
1st Floor Kaufman Hall 
212 217.3930 


Meredith Perkins

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