Wacom Tablet Suggestion?

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Ask IT Icon NewI am a new toy design student I am looking into getting a portable tablet so I will be able to do my homework any where I go on the train, etc.. What are the specifications I need to look out for if I what my tablet to have the same or almost the same specs as the wacom drawing tablets?

Right now I am deciding between wacom cintiq companion and or an iPad air with the wacom intuos-creative-stylus so I will have the same pressure sensitivity as wacom on the iPad. I want to know what do you recommend? what is the best tablet based off what I need for the program?


Hi Joseph,
Thanks for your question. I reached out to Academic Computing for their opinion and have some information for you.
“Toy Design students normally buy the Wacom Bamboo tablet.  However, students should check with the Toy Design office at 212-217-5120, or room A571.
Stacey Francis, CAPM, MCP”
​Hope this helps, have a great semester!
Meredith Perkins​

Meredith Perkins

Technology Development Team

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