How FIT is using Google Apps for Education

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In conjunction with FIT’s migration to Google, the Technology Development Team is conducting interviews and gathering data to produce case studies, as a way of tracking and documenting how Google is improving workflow and productivity here at FIT. We sought to describe in greater detail the various ways faculty and staff are able to leverage Google Apps for Education for the improvement of student learning and overall collaboration. We invite you to read about how staff and faculty are taking advantage of Google Apps for Education to improve their day to day operations.

Joel Ehrlich, Faculty,  Advertising Communication & Marketing

After migrating to Google in Spring 2014 Prof. Ehrlich has started to using Google Docs with his class, he uses Gmail to send group emails, and even uses Google Hangouts with his students. He has found that it increased productivity, his relationships with students are more fluid and save time. “Plus….it’s what they feel most comfortable with”.


Aladino Rodriguez
Dino Rodriguez,  Assistant Coordinator, Office of International Programs

Self taught, computer aficionado, Dino Rodriguez has always tried using the best of any software available but, since FIT became an official Google campus, it has rocketed his productivity and collaborative techniques with students, staff and faculty. In his opinion, “…productivity has increased in many ways. Our office can now work on the same Docs, Sheets and Slides on most of our projects. Staff meetings have become more meaningful since we’re able to write our notes onto the same Google Doc for pre-meeting preparation and later consideration and follow-up. There isn’t much confusion with who’s doing what and when since we’re all using Google Calendar to see events, appointments and all other business related agendas. I’ve been able to create a good selection of relevant calendars with which to add our Study Abroad dates, events, business trips and meetings. These are also shared with our partners in Florence and Milan”.


Renee Cooper NEW BIO-Lansner_6335 (1)
Prof. Renee Cooper, Fashion Merchandising Management

After attending an online Google webinar hosted by the TDT, Professor Cooper started using “document sharing” for various committee work. She also uses Google docs instead of DropBox to save course materials. She explained that by building her course information in Google she is able to access it more readily without concern for storage space.  She finds that the ease of Google docs (and sharing) increases her productivity. Professor Cooper has been using Google personally for quite a while now but having it for work helps to synchronize her life. She has confidence in Google Apps for Education and knows documents will not be lost.


Brian Fallon, Director of FIT’s Writing Center

Since migrating to Google Apps for Education, Brian Fallon and the staff in the Writing Studio use Google Drive for almost everything. From document sharing and working collaboratively on forms for gathering information from the staff to hangouts for interviewing potential tutors, Google apps has greatly enhanced their ability to access and work with others.  Brian explained that Google has made workflow faster and more convenient overall. One of the bigger benefits, he feels is  now that everyone will be on Google, students and faculty, there’s no guessing as to whether or not an individual will have access to these tools.





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